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Living Room Re-do

Happy Friday All!

On this eve of New Year’s Eve my thoughts instantly go to all the projects I have yet to finish, and what I can possibly fit in with two days left in 2016.  Instead of making a mad dash to finish the impossible, I am taking a look back and sharing one of my favorite room updates of 2016.

My husband and I bought our home in September 2015 and instantly learned two things.  1) Our 2100 square foot home felt very sparse with the furnishings from a 900 square foot apartment.                                                                                                                                       2) Home furnishings are NOT cheap– $40 for a throw pillow? $250 for a side table??         Come on people, we just bought a house!

I love DIY and flea market flips, but the challenge lies in finding the right balance between new pieces and old.  I lucked out in discovering unique pieces that fit both my style and the design of the room.

Below is a photo of the living area from when we toured the home.  As you can see it really just needed  cosmetic updates– the wood floors are gorgeous and the bamboo blinds were a nice upgrade.  However, the larger scale furniture and large accessories made the small room feel cramped and hard to navigate.


I started by adding the glass chandelier with an Edison bulb, which provides a soft gold light in the room.  I then painted one accent wall sage green, and I love how the pop of color really defines the space.  Otherwise the room becomes this awkward walk through between the kitchen and dining room.  Once the below updates were made we found ourselves using this room so much more!  It is a great reading area and conversation space for visiting guests.


My favorite part of this room update?  The chandelier and area rug are the only two pieces purchased brand new.  Everything else in the space was from a thrift or antique store.  Those two mid-century style chairs on the left came from a Habitat for Humanity Re-store for $25 total.  (look for those in an upcoming upholstery DIY tutorial).


The photo wall is an old architectural piece I picked up for $20 at an antique store.  The curtains cost about $45 total, made from canvas dropcloths found at Home Depot, and hung using curtain clips from World Market.  The lamp was headed into a dumpster, so I snagged it, added a coat of metallic copper paint, and a new shade from Target.  The side table was an antique collecting dust in my mom’s shed.  I gave it new life by sanding down the front of the drawers and staining with some leftover stain from a previous project.  The glass drawer knobs came from Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sale.  Can you tell I LOVE getting a good deal?!

Fellow DIYers, what do you think?  Do you have a favorite piece you have flipped?  Share your photos in the comments below!

And to those of you with DIY on your 2017 bucket list, I hope these pictures inspire you to dive in!  Never underestimate the potential of that unique piece you may find lurking in Goodwill or your parents’ basement.


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  1. Night and day difference, I am planning on redoing my living room on a tight budget, seeing how some paint and smart purchases made your living room cozy I am getting excited! 🙂 / Sammy

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