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Dressing up Valentine’s Day

We made it…Friday is here!  After being on the road all week for work, I am so happy to be home relaxing for a couple of days.  I knew I would want nothing more than couch time and a glass of wine tonight so last weekend I finished up house cleaning, putting away the winter decor, and updating the house with Valentine’s Day decorations.

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday- I love pink, I love hearts, and it just so happens that I met my husband on Valentine’s Day 8 years ago.  Even as a kid, I LOVED crafting valentine card holders for my school desk.  However, as an adult, Valentine’s can be a tough holiday to decorate around.  Many of the pre-made decorations out there are over the top with glitter, shiny plastic, and script-y words spelling “love” or “sweet.”  That’s a little much, even for me.

I have been sitting on a box of vintage postcards from the 1910s and 1920s for years, but never knew quite how to use them.  I sorted out the Valentine cards and let those be the core item to theme my decorations around.  *Holiday Decor Tip* – Start with one piece you love and theme your decor around that item.  It will help seasonal decorations look cohesive and well curated.


My next grouping of supplies were bargains I picked up at Michael’s just after Christmas.  If any of you have shopped for Christmas decorations in recent years, you know that red & green are no longer the standard.  This year Michael’s had an entire Christmas collection in grey, white, silvers & golds…apparently it was not a big hit because it was still sitting on the shelves a week after…  At 80% off!

Full retail price of the total items below- $133  Post Christmas Clearance total I paid- $38!

vdaybargain LED Candles are always useful for table decor and parties, so I knew those gold glitter pillars would get plenty of use.  Those rectangular sheets in the lower corner were sheets of felt I picked up for less than 50 cents a piece!


$5 in felt, 1 hour of cutting strips, and 2 hours of knot tying gave me this pile of Valentine’s inspired garland.  I cannot take credit for this genius crafting hack– one of my favorite bloggers, Tell Love and Party shared her amazing felt garland DIY here.  Since I didn’t get around to making it for Christmas, I knew I wanted to incorporate it for Valentines.


Originally I planned to use the garland on the mantle, but it was overkill with the postcards.  Instead I draped it over this old window frame we have displayed in the front entryway of our home.  I added a couple of faux fur poms and yarn poms which helped weigh it down and drape nicely.

When I decorate for a holiday I love to include decor in every room, even if it is one small piece.  The below vase was leftover from wedding decor.  The yarn poms were leftover from another project you will see shortly.  The twigs came from the backyard– it was a 5 minute project from leftovers that adds a nice touch!


And now for the main area of decor– the fireplace mantle!  The antique window frame and bamboo mirror have become my anchor points of decor.  I keep them here even when I change out the theme.  It saves money from buying larger pieces to fill the space with each rotating season or holiday.

The cream colored wreath you see in the middle is a Pinterest hack.  It took 3 skeins of yarn, a foam wreath, and a few T-pins.  It is the perfect Sunday afternoon project!

Once the frames and wreaths were in place, I hung the postcards across the front of the mantle.  As I said earlier, these postcards are from the 1920s, and very fragile.  I used the mini clothespins to hang them from a piece of yarn to prevent damaging them with tape or staples.

Once the base items of my decor were in place, I started layering in the smaller accessories.

As I took a step back to look at my work, I realized the mini clothespins looked a little bland.  I purchased a heart sticker pack for $1 and used the pink and red hearts on a few of the clothespins to brighten it up.


Bargain shopping, a little crafting, a couple of hours staging and it’s done!  So tell me what you think friends!  Do you like it?  Are you decorating for Valentine’s Day?  Would love to hear from you in the comments below!




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