Wicker Patio Furniture Update

Happy Sunday West Main Followers!

I cannot believe that I am writing this from Ohio on a sunny, 65 degree day in mid-February!   Typically it is gray, cold, and generally miserable this time of year.  I have to say I am truly enjoying the change of sunny and warm!

While we may have a few weeks before it’s time to pull out the patio furniture, now is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor living space.  Last year my husband and I could not wait for the warm weather and hosting parties in our backyard.  Patio furniture was high on our priority list, but nothing in our price range really spoke to me.  Then I came across this lovely wicker set listed for $40 on a local Facebook Group Steals & Deals page.

patiobeforeeI could tell my husband thought I had completely lost it when we went to pick up the set.  I can’t say that I blame him…the floral cushion print was awful, and the two chairs were not in the greatest condition.  Overall, the set was structurally sound, just in need of some major TLC.

I started by ripping the floral fabric off the cushions and letting them air out in the sun.  I also wiped down the wicker with a damp towel to remove the cobwebs and dirt that had collected.

Next was time to paint!  I chose a dark navy color to help hide the imperfections and wear of the wicker.  I went with an outdoor specific spray paint designed to hold color and durability despite sun rays and rain.

Spray paint worked well to get into all the cracks and crevices of the wicker, but I will warn you it is a lengthy process to paint wicker.  Once all the outer sides had been painted, I let the furniture dry for 24 hours, then turned the pieces upside down to paint the underneath.  While most people probably would not have noticed skipping the underside, I knew it would drive me nuts to see the original tan wicker peeking out underneath.


patioaftereAfter two coats of paint and a day of drying, project is complete!  I got lucky having cushions that were still in great condition underneath the poor fabric.  To recover, I laid out the fabric, then placed the cushion on top and traced around the cushion.  I cut 1″ outside of that traced line to allow enough seam allowance to sew up the new cushion covers.  When sewing for outdoor furniture, be sure to use an outdoor specific fabric that is waterproof and UV resistant.  I still bring the cushions in if we are expecting a big rain, but after a full summer and fall of use, they still look brand new.

outdoorlivinge  Here is another view of the whole patio set up.  The lime green adirondack chairs were $10 end of season finds from Meijer that we brought from our old apartment patio.  They add a nice pop of color and bring out the lime green in the patterned cushion fabric.

While the patio furniture was a good start to our outdoor living space, I plan to expand on the project this spring.  I want to add an outdoor rug to cover up our blah concrete, and more flowers and artwork will be brought into the wall just above the couch.

So what do you think friends?  Recommendations on rug colors or pattern?  Favorite ways to add artwork to boring gray siding?  I would love to hear you suggestions!

And let’s all keep our fingers crossed this warm weather is here to stay!  I cannot wait to share an update to our outdoor living space this spring!




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