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Dining Room Reveal!

Hello West Main Followers!!

I knew I had fallen behind on blog posts but whew, 2 weeks?!  I’ve been so busy flea market shopping, sewing, and DIYing that I haven’t had time to post updates of the projects I am working on!  Lucky for you I have had all weekend at home to get caught up so look forward to at least one extra post this week.

While I love sharing all my flea market finds and DIY projects, my absolute favorite part of blogging is when I can share a completed room makeover, incorporating all of those little details that give a room personality and style.

Today’s room reveal is our long awaited dining room.  Before jumping into the updates,  let us start with a look at the space before…

DiningRoomThe previous homeowners put in these beautiful tiger wood floors which were one of the selling points for my husband and I.  We tried to write into the contract that the large bookcase stayed with the home, but that was a no go.  When we got the keys and started to move in this room was so intimidating- with all the large furniture pieces moved out, it was a huge, empty space.  We didn’t even own a dining table at this point, so I had no idea where to begin!

As I started looking at different dining room table options, my husband had the idea to build one instead.  In the 7 years I had known him, I had never seen him build anything so I was a little nervous…

He definitely proved me wrong– the table turned out beautiful!  And now I am aware of his carpentry talents, his project list has grown considerably.  🙂

Once we had the table and matching bench stained, we moved them into the dining room and I decorated with some of the items we already owned.  It was starting to come together, but the lack of lighting above the table meant we really couldn’t eat at the table after dark.  That can be difficult in Ohio winters when it is dark by 5PM.


Aside from lighting, you may also notice the ridiculous amount of dark stained wood taking up the space.  It was too much brown so I started searching for an area rug that would pull the room together and brighten up the space.

So lights first– the task of finding just the right lighting took so much longer than I anticipated!  We didn’t want something standard off the shelf at Lowe’s or Home Depot.  When I worked in retail, I purchased our store LED lights from a small business here in Westerville, Northern Lighting.  If you live in the Westerville area and are in the market for any type of lighting, give this shop a visit.  They were so kind and helpful, but never pushy.  When we couldn’t find what we wanted, the man helping us pulled out catalogs of items he could order for us.

I am so happy with our final decision!  These geometric pendant lights with Edison-style bulbs turned out perfect in the space.  I was a little nervous about the bright gold finish– it was much shinier than I had expected.  However, I think it adds an elegant finish, and breaks up the darker finishes throughout the room.


Okay, so I guess it’s time to share the completed project…DiningFaceOutViewIf I had to pick out one favorite piece in the room, it is definitely the rug.  I absolutely LOVE the vintage kilim rugs out there right now, but I cannot justify $500-$1000 on a rug.  I picked up this one from during one of their sales.  Free shipping and it arrived within 2 days!!

The tree print canvas was purchased at Ikea several years ago.  We had it hanging above our bed in the apartment but when we moved into our home, we realized it fit perfectly on this half wall separating the kitchen and dining.

DiningStairsViewThis shot taken from the stairs gives you a better look at the opposite side of the room.  The turquoise dining hutch was a flea market flip– you can read more about it here.  The small table covered in the blush blanket is a place holder.  I plan to build a taller, skinnier table that will hold decor that blends with the artwork above.

crossstitchframedI knew I needed something to fill the blank wall space, and when I came across these cross stitch panels I knew they were perfect!  The colors matched back to the rug and hutch nicely.  The two pieces cost me $5 each.  Frames came in at $10 each from Michaels during a 70% off sale.

DiningSittingAreaUnder the tree print is a large amount of blank space.  Eventually I would like to have a vintage sideboard or buffet, but I have yet to find the perfect piece.  Until then, I have it set up as a small sitting or reading area.  The white footstool has been carted through several moves.  That patterned, fringe textile on top is a scrap I found for $1 at the flea market. The gold floor cushions came from a Target clearance rack.  I plan to recover them when I find the right fabric.

Last little detail of the room brings us back to the entry into our dining area.  When you walk in our front door, the dining room is directly to your left.  It is a quick place to set your keys, or drop your phone when you come in the door.  I wanted a simple piece of furniture that would accommodate small items, but not become cluttered with coats and shoes.  (We have a mudroom for that, which is in desperate need of a makeover!)

I found this vintage gossip bench at a flea market for $35.  It was in pretty rough shape, but structurally solid.  Just in need of a little TLC…

gossipbenchBEFOREGossipBenchI stained the top and side, painting the rest black.  New foam and fabric for the chair cushion.  Oh and that lamp?  A $3 resale shop find!  I used gold spray paint, added a shade, and good as new!

Now you have scrolled through all the projects and pieces, let’s take one more look side by side of the Before & After:

What do you think of the finished product?  Would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!





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