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Interior Inspirations from Patagonia

I’m baaack!!!  For those following me on Instagram, you make have noticed less design posts and more adventure activity over the past couple of weeks.  My husband and I just returned from the vacation of a lifetime– 12 days exploring the beautiful country of Chile.  A large portion of our trip was spent in the southernmost tip of the country, in a region known as Patagonia.  We hiked in the mountains, kayaked among the glaciers, and were lucky enough to spot some pretty amazing wildlife.  Flamingoes in the wild were my favorite- for my husband it was the rare sighting of two pumas.

Our 2 week getaway was exactly what I needed– a much anticipated break from the daily work grind, as well as a reminder of how much I truly love travel and being in the great outdoors.  What I also found was an unbeliveable amount of interior design inspiration.  From the incredible scenery, to our unique lodging, I came back with plenty of ideas for updating our home and how can re-live little bit of Patagonia everyday.

Today’s post is a focus on sharing inspiration through some photos of our lodging, the scenery, and other highlights of the trip.  You can look forward to future posts sharing how I translate these inspirations into my own home design projects.

So let’s start with a look at the scenery that is Patagonia…

IMG_2619This is one of my favorite photos from our trip, but a photo cannot do justice to the beauty of this place!  Because Patagonia is so remote and not heavily travelled, the lakes are pure glacier runoff.  The sediment from the glacier gives the water this beautiful turquoise color.  I have already started the searching for paint colors, as I plan to use this shade for the walls of our guest bedroom.  The jagged peaks and snow capped mountains add to the backdrop, and you will see them everywhere you turn in Patagonia.

Horses were introduced to Chile by the Spainards, and are still used throughout the privately owned lands of Patagonia.  You will often find them grazing in the valleys, or carrying supply loads up to camper cabins in the mountains.



River2I love that the  photo above captures all of Patagonia’s landscape in one– mountain, valley, river, boulders.  All formed from the glaciers, it provides a spectacular view as you hike up through the mountains.

On to our lodging for the week, which was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  EcoCamp Patagonia is the world’s first geodesic dome hotel. It is also 100% sustainable, meaning your stay has minimal impact on the beautiful environment surrounding it.  Everything here is recycled, and the entire place runs on solar and wind energy.  The domes are cozy, with a rustic, boho decor throughout.  You can read more about EcoCamp here— if you are looking for a vacation that incorporates relaxation and adventure seamlessly, this is the place for you!  Our days were filled with hiking and kayaking, then gathering back at the dome for cocktail hour, and 3 course gourmet dinners using locally sourced ingredients.

Below is our view out the door of our dome.  Pretty spectacular right??  The designer used green roofing material so that the domes blended into the landscape, rather than detract from it.


My husband snapped this photo at sunrise as we walked over to the community dome for breakfast.  It was the one cloudy day we had at camp, but as you can see, the clouds provided a beautiful canvas of color across the sky.DomeSunrise

Moving to the inside, the below shots are from the community domes at EcoCamp.  There are 3 total- a bar/lounge, dining area, and a small quiet lounge for reading or relaxing.  The textiles you see covering the couches, or made into pillows, are handcrafted in Argentina, from a company called Huitru.  I desperately searched for places to buy their products, but outside of Argentina they are quite pricey.  I guess now is the time to start planing a shopping trip to Argentina….



MapDisplayThe use of a framed map for decoration is definitely something I will incorporate into our decoration at home.  It is an inexpensive solution for artwork on the walls, as well as a fun way to look back and where we have adventured.

Of course no lodge in a place this beautiful would be complete without an outdoor living space.  The collection of textiles and mix and match furniture added to the coziness.  It was a great place to relax in the afternoon, after our hikes.OutsideDomes

Our last stop before heading back home was a couple of days in the capital city of Santiago.  A bustling metropolis of more than 5 million people, it was a very different atmosphere than the quiet mountains of Patagonia.

We began our city tour with a visit to one of the most beautiful landmarks in the city, Cerro San Cristobal.  The short ride up via the Furnicular, an open air cable car, gives visitors a beautiful view of the city, as well as an up close view of the Virgin Mary statue perched atop the hill.


While I much prefer the mountains over the city, I loved the amount of art displayed through Santiago.  While walking through a small neighborhood of the city, I came across  buildings all painted in bright yellows and blues and greens.  South America is not afraid of using color!  I was particularly drawn to the shop below, painted with birds native to Chile.  While I don’t think I can pull off giant birds in a room of my house, I am searching for botanical and bird prints that I could use as wall art in my office.BirdBuilding

Our last stay of the trip was Meridiano Sur- a quaint boutique hotel in the heart of the city.  I loved the Spanish influence of stucco and arched doorways, but those black and white stairs were my favorite!  I’m thinking a black and white runner, or searching for black and white tile for the risers of our stairs to incorporate this look at home.MeridianoSur

While it is never easy coming back to the real world after a vacation, I always return with incredible experiences and memories that last long after the trip itself. For me, incorporating those memories through displayed photos or souvenirs, is how I add personality to our home.  It is a way to continually be inspired and working towards more travel and more adventure.

I hope that you enjoy this look into our adventure and I cannot wait to share the home projects and wall art I create based on this once in a lifetime experience.



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        Valparaiso is really worth a visit. Hope you like it as much as we did.

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