Two for $40- Side Table DIY

Happy Sunday Friends!

It has been a busy DIY weekend in our household and I am excited about all the projects I have to share with you this week!  Today’s project post is simple, cheap, and one of my favorite DIY’s I have completed in awhile.

Recently I was given these two antique stoneware crocks:

crocksTypically these crocks are used in more primitive, or rustic farmhouse decor.  I loved the size and texture they bring to a room, but my challenge was finding a way to transform them into something less primitive and more of a match to my own design personality.

First step in narrowing down the plan was to decide where these crocks would go.  They are big enough to function as an accent table, which I needed in our den.  Our patio set is a dark navy, so I decided the second one would be a perfect side table on our front porch.

Since I wanted to use these as tables, I needed to find a solid topper.  I searched through the lumber section of Home Depot and found these pre-cut, pine wood disks.  They also happened to be on clearance, so I scored two of them for $5 each!  The stain, as you can see from the can, was left over from a previous project.  Why choose stain over paint?  The wood grain on these disks was so pretty I wanted to highlight it, instead of covering it.  Once I stained the disks, I let them dry for a full day.

pre-stain Crock Table #1 is going in our den, which is our lodge, mountain adventure themed room.  We have lots of globes and maps in the room so I thought it would be fun to incorporate a compass rose on the table top.  Originally my plan was to stencil, but finding the right stencil and having a steady hand was intimidating.

Over on Etsy, I found this compass rose vinyl decal from a company called Krittah’s Stickers. I was so impressed that my decal arrived in less than a week and they even included a test decal so that I could practice!  I HIGHLY recommend using a test decal first…if you mess up on the final product you don’t really have the option of a re-do.  The decal itself was around $15 which was the most expensive part of the project.  However, the time I saved and ease of use compared with stencil painting was totally worth it!


First step, which I missed a picture of, is marking where you want the decal to go.  I made small pencil marks on all four sides that I could erase later.

Next step is peeling off the paper backing, exposing the decal.decal1

My decal came with a small tool that helps smooth out the decal.  You want to make sure all the air bubbles are pushed out so that the decal sticks.  I spent extra time smoothing around the small compass points and the letters– those small details are often the first place to peel up if your decal isn’t fully pressed down.decal2

decal3If you look closely here, my decal is fully pressed into the wood.  The wood grain is showing through the paper, which is a good sign all air bubbles are gone.

Now for the moment of truth– time to start peeling off the paper and see the finished product!  Be sure to peel very slowly so that the decal does not come up with the paper.decal4decal5decal6At this point, I let out a squeal and a jump of excitement– I just love how it turned out!

Here is a look at the finished product…finishedcompass


I was so happy with how the first table turned out, I couldn’t wait to start on the second!

As I got to thinking about the second table and it’s function on the patio, I wanted something with more color and pattern.  I also realized that if I added two small handles to the wood disk, the table topper could double as a serving tray.

Moving on to Crock Table #2, below are all of my supplies laid out before getting started.  The fabric is scrap leftover from making my patio furniture cushions.  If you missed that post, you can find it here.

The 2 handles came from Hobby Lobby.  At 50% off, I paid a total of $5 for both!prefabric

First step is cutting out the strips of pattern fabric I planned to use on the tray top.fabriccut

Second step- apply Modge Podge glue to adhere fabric to the wood disk.  If the modge podge gets outside the fabric area, you can wipe off the excess, but also know it will dry clear.modgepodge

As you apply the glue, gently smooth the fabric and be sure there are no wrinkles.  Press gently, otherwise the fabric may move or twist.fabricmodge

Now the fabric strips are glued, it is time to let everything dry.  I trimmed my fabric edges after glue, as I wanted to make sure I didn’t cut the strips too small.  Next time I would mark the strips and cut first– it was a little difficult to cut a clean edge once the fabric had been glued on the disk.

The glue takes about an hour to dry.  I then moved my disk outside and applied an acrylic clear coat spray.  The clear coat takes longer to dry, but it will seal in both the fabric and wood, giving the tray tabletop a longer life.fabricglued

After letting the acrylic top coat dry for the afternoon, it was time for the last step, which is adding handles.  I measured from each edge to be sure handles were even, then marked my drill holes with a pencil.  Small brass screws attached the handles.  handles

Here is a look at the finished product– I just LOVE how this one turned out!  I cannot wait for our next backyard party so that I can use it for serving drinks.traytablefinished

As I mentioned earlier, these two tables are my favorite project I have completed in awhile.  It was so easy and inexpensive!  If you are inspired to make one of these yourself, I have provided a materials list below with cost listed next to each item.

Compass Crock Table:

  • 1- 15″ pine round disk from Home Depot- Cost $7
  • 1- 11″ compass rose vinyl decal from Krittah’s Stickers- Cost $15
  • 1- small can Minwax Wood Stain (I used color Honey on this project)
  • 1- old cloth to wipe down stain

2-in-1 Serving Tray Table Top:

  • 1- 17″ pine round disk from Home Depot- Cost $5
    • Note: Because I plan to use this for serving drinks and snacks, I went with the larger diameter.
  • 1- small can Minwax Wood Stain (I used color Honey on this project)
  • 1- old cloth to wipe down stain
  • 2- small handles from Hobby Lobby- Cost $5 for two
    • Note: Cost of handles will vary on your style choice.  Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon online which saves you money if they aren’t already on sale!
  • 4- 3/4″ brass screws
  • Rust Oleum Acrylic Clear Coat Spray
  • Modge Podge (I prefer the gloss finish)
  • Scrap fabric of your choice (if purchasing fabric, be sure to buy long enough pieces to fit your disk!)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill

That’s it for this project- such an easy afternoon DIY!  I would love hear your thoughts, or see photos of your version in the comments below!


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