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Growing your Green Thumb with Hoover Gardens

Cheers to a holiday weekend Nomad followers!

I am enjoying a much needed break off the road from work this week and using the time to catch up on projects around the house.  Lately I have spent a lot more time working outside rather than on interior projects, which is a nice change and a great way to soak up this summer sun!

Much of this outside work stems from my recent interest in flowers and gardening. While I used to have the blackest of thumbs, I have learned that a little time and patience, as well as remembering to water your plants, goes a long way.  You could say my black thumb is now a light shade of green!

With that said, I want to take you on a field trip today to one of my favorite plant shops in Westerville, Hoover Gardens.  If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, Hoover Gardens is located at the corner of Sunbury Road and County Line Road.  Not only do they have an endless selection of plants, but they also offer landscaping, custom potting services, and evening workshops tailored to a variety of gardening topics.  Hoover Gardens has a very active Facebook page where you can keep up to date on the newest events and upcoming sales.

mainareaNo shortage of plant choices here!

custompotwindowbox2Beautiful planter box display– Hoover Gardens will work with your budget, style, and container choices to help you design the perfect custom potted plants for your home. They are also a great resource if you need inspiration or ideas on where to start!

tropicals2The tropical room is one of my favorites– I love the large green leafy palms and ferns found here.

fiddleleagfigThis Fiddle leaf Fig is at the top of my #plantgoals list.  Patti tried to convince me they are super easy to care for, but I want to work on greening up my thumb just a bit more before investing in one of these beauties!

One of the neatest parts of my visit was learning about their test garden.  If you walk through the front of their property, past the Tropicals Room, you will come into a small, gravel garden with raised beds, and plants marked “not for sale.”  This is where they plant and test a variety of new plants that will be available in Spring 2018.

My current level of gardening has me hoping my plants survive the next 2 weeks, so I can’t even imagine planning a garden for next year!  If you are in the area and get a chance to visit this section of Hoover Gardens, I highly recommend it!


During my visit I had the pleasure of speaking with Patti, who is a wealth of knowledge in the plant world!  She was naming off so many types of plants, and where they grow best, that I couldn’t take notes fast enough!

I know there are many of you out there like me, trying to grow your green thumb, so I wanted to share some basic tips and tricks that Patti shared with me.

Tips for Beginners:

  • Talk to an expert– this may seem like a no brainer, but I cannot tell you how many plants I’ve randomly picked up only to have them die within a week.  If you are looking to get into gardening, talk to someone who can steer you in the right direction!  Share with them where you plan to house the plant, and what type of light it will receive.  Most importantly, there are no stupid questions!  The more questions you ask, the better an expert can help you make the best plant selections.
  • Don’t be afraid to cut back your plants– this one is so hard for me!  I just hate cutting back a plant when it finally has a good bloom!  It is such an accomplishment to get a plant to grow or bloom in the first place that the last thing I want to do is cut it off!  According to Patti, trimming your plants regularly releases hormones that allow the plant to grow back twice as big.
  • Nature will not water your plants enough– this may be a debatable topic given the amount of rain we are currently receiving in Ohio.  However, more often than not, when your plants are outside, they still need attention!  Be sure to check the soil regularly, and water when they are looking, or feeling a little dry.
  • Choose the right soil for the right plant– when purchasing your plants, be sure to ask the expert for assistance in choosing the proper soil.  As an example, if you are planting succulents or cactus, you will need a soil that does not retain water easily.

Okay, now armed with your beginner tips, are you ready to starting planting??  I left Hoover Gardens armed with knowledge, and confident this round of planting would not end with pots of wilted, brown foliage.  So confident in fact that I purchased a few more plants to add to my growing collection.

purchaseplants                                              A few of my purchases during my visit to Hoover Gardens.

In addition to your basic tips to begin planting, Patti shared with me some tips on getting the best blooms out of your potted plants.

Steps to successfully potting plants:

  • Always use fresh potting soil– When potting a new plant, be sure to use fresh potting soil.  It has all the nutrients that a plant will need to establish roots and really take off in your container.
  • Choose the right size pot– Be sure your plant has room to expand and root in your chosen container.  As your plant grows and thrives, you may need to re-pot into a larger container.
  • Fresh soil and Osmocote– Fill your container with the fresh potting soil, then sprinkle with Osmocote.  Water, then let sit for an hour.  Osmocote is a plant food that will release essential nutrients into the soil so that your plant gets everything it needs to grow successfully.
  • Plant and water–  After your Osmocote has saturated the soil, its time to add your plant, and any additional soil needed to fill the pot.  Water again and be prepared to watch your beauty grow!
  • Pro Tip- Don’t be afraid to plant several varieties of flowers or plants in one pot. Plants perform better with others around!

emptypots        Lined up and ready to go!  Can you tell I have slight OCD tendencies…. it only made sense to start largest to smallest!  As Patti recommended, I started by filling each pot with soil, then sprinkling with Osmocote and water.  I used that hour wait time to go buy more potting soil…those large pots use more soil than you think!

plantedpots                I started with the plants I purchased at Hoover, but then realized some of my own plants were thriving so much that it was time to separate and repot.  My new goal is to keep these beauties thriving on through summer, and indoors during the winter months.

ladderflowers                                                                      A couple of weeks in now, and my plants are still looking good!  I don’t like to play favorites, but that orange Begonia in the turquoise pot is such a fun pop of color!

So what if you want to grow plants that can thrive indoors during the winter months? Patti shared with me a wealth of options!  Below are a few plants that can thrive indoors without being too fussy:

  • Croton
  • Tropicals
  • Begonias
  • Coleus

**If you plan to bring your plants in when the weather turns, be sure to spray them with an insecticide to prevent an invasion of bugs and insects.**

Feel like you need some further guidance in getting a start to your green thumb? Click here to take a look at all the upcoming classes Hoover Gardens has to offer this summer.

Back in March a friend and I attended the Terrarium Building workshop which was a blast!  Great instructors, and plenty of knowledge so that I knew how to properly take care of my terrarium when I got it home.  This is such a fun way to spend a girls night!TerrariumBuilding2TerrariumBulidingTerrariumNight1Terrarium

The next workshop is coming up on July 5th, and it’s Fairy Gardens!  I am hoping to work around my travel schedule so that I can fit this class in.  How cute are these??  And workshop cost is only $35!fairygardenclassfairygardensfairygardens2

I want to give one last big THANK YOU to Patti and everyone at Hoover Gardens.  I appreciate the time taken to walk through the shop and answer all of my questions.  Even the most basic of questions from a beginner!

And if you are in town for the holiday weekend, they are having huge sales on all their plants!  It is a great time to take advantage of the long weekend and put your new knowledge and green thumb to work!


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  1. Didn’t know the coleus would grow indoors, I’ve got some pretty ones that might make it indoors. I love Hoover Gardens, beautiful plants and so many ideas

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