DIY Tutorial- Rattan Pendant Lamp

Hello Friends and welcome to your bonus post for the week!  My first installment of “Splurge vs Steal” was such a big hit over on Facebook that I am making it a weekly thing!  Best of all, I will follow up each Facebook post with a DIY tutorial when I can.  I’ve got future plans to feature some great places to save big on furniture, and while my DIY skills are good, I can’t promise any tutorials for building couches or leather chairs.  At least not yet… 🙂

In today’s version of “Splurge vs. Steal” I am featuring a wicker pendant lamp that is right on target with the boho trend.  Wicker and rattan home goods are everywhere right now from bed frames and chairs, to lighting and small accessories.

The downside to wicker is that it can be fairly expensive.  It is a natural fiber, and often crafted by hand, which drives up the expense.  A quick search on Wayfair for “wicker pendant lamps” and this one popped up.  Considered a “hot deal!” at $217.99… I don’t know about you guys, but that is not a hot deal within my home decor budget!


When I can’t find the right piece in my budget, I always take a moment to browse IKEA.  I saw this lamp during a recent visit, and the $59.99 price tag is definitely a more affordable price point.  However, this particular lamp is quite large, and requires electrical wiring through the ceiling.  I wanted something smaller that I could move around and possibly incorporate with other hanging lamps.ikealamp

Which brings us to the “Steal” version– I constructed this DIY wicker pendant lamp in 1 hour!  It takes 4 supplies and cost me a whopping $7.99!


Too good to be true?  Read on for my step by step tutorial on how to make your own wicker pendant lamp at home!

Rattan Pendant Lamp Materials:

  • Find a wicker or rattan basket in the size and style of your choice. (I found mine at Ohio Thrift, similar to a Goodwill).
  • Hemma cord set from IKEA
  • X-Acto knife with a new blade
  • Sharpie marker

Step 1: Clean your wicker or rattan basket with a mix of dish soap, white vinegar, and warm water.  Rinse with clean water and air dry.  (This step can be skipped if using a new basket).


Step 2: Flip the basket over and place the socket of your lamp kit into the center of the basket bottom.


Step 3:  Using your Sharpie, trace the outer edge of the socket onto the basket bottom.drawncircle

Step 4:  Using a SHARP X-acto knife, cut out a circle just inside the drawn Sharpie line.  I recommend cutting inside the traced template.  It is much easier to make the hole bigger rather than patch it up.

Don’t worry about those frayed edges sticking up– those will get hidden when the socket is screwed into the basket.holecut

Step 5:  Unscrew the socket portion of your lamp kit so that you have two parts.  socketapart

Step 6:  Take the main socket section, with cord attached, and insert through the cut hole on the outside of the basket.


Step 7:  The plastic ring will screw onto the socket portion of lamp from the inside of the basket.  Once the ring is snugly fit onto the socket, screw in a low wattage light bulb.  *Always use a low wattage with wicker to prevent scorching of the natural fibers.*


Step 8:  Hang it up, plug it in, and admire your work!finishedlit

I told you it was so easy, right?!  Currently I have this beauty hanging in my office, and now I am on the hunt for more baskets.  Three or four of them clustered together could look so pretty!

Be sure to share in the comments below photos of your own version.  Also let me know what home goods you would like to see featured in future segments of “Splurge vs. Steal!”


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