Front Porch Makeover

Hello and Happy Saturday Friends!

Today’s post was on a bit of delay due to the sunny conditions here in Columbus.  It began with the sun shining so bright onto the patio that none of my pictures were turning out.  Then it turned into a bit of procrastination on my part…it was so hard to sit at the computer when we have beautiful weather to enjoy!

At last I am here and happy to FINALLY have a front porch makeover to share with you! Much like my blog post plans for today, the front exterior of our home was at the top of my priority list when we moved in.  Then we got distracted with other projects like painting all of the interior walls and hanging new light fixtures, and every other project but the outside…

As you can see in the photo below, the exterior of our home really didn’t need much work.  The one glaring issue I had were those upper windows– they were in desperate need of shutters!  While you cannot see it in the photo, the front door was also in need of a facelift.  It was painted a blue-gray that matched the siding and so it disappears into the home rather than making a statement.HouseFrontBEFORELabel

Within a week of moving in I was on the hunt for shutters.  Then I learned there are a million different styles of shutters.  Did I want wood or plastic?  Bright color or classic black?  Farmhouse style or classic panel?  Who knew there were so many decisions for such a simple item.

Fast forward a year and a half, and a dozen other projects in, I made it a priority in finding the perfect shutter style and color for our home.  After endless looking in stores and online, I found this tutorial on Pinterest and it was perfect.  All the credit goes to my hubby for building these beauties.  According to him, the tutorial gave perfect instructions, were simple to put together, and best of all cost us about half what we would have spent on buying shutters at retail.

The worst part of the shutter project?  Painting ALL of those panels on BOTH sides!  You can tell in the photo below my hubby was regretting his choice of getting involved in this DIY…  And don’t mind all the junk piled up in our garage– I am not one of those bloggers with a clean and organized work space.  I can only hope there are others of you out there that can appreciate working in this “collection” of DIY projects!  🙂


So why turquoise you ask?  I wanted the outside of our home to reflect our personality as much as the inside was starting to.  Black or navy seemed so traditional, and many of the red shutters I have seen seem to fade rather quickly.  I have used various shades of turquoise throughout our entire home, so it seemed like a natural fit to incorporate the shade on the exterior in some way.

I used Behr Marquee Exterior Paint in color Verdant Forest.  We painted each piece of the shutters individually before assembling.  Be sure to paint the back side as well to seal in the wood and protect from rain and winter weather.PaintedShutter

For the record, I offered my assistance in hanging these bad boys, but my hubby was so proud of his building skills I don’t think he trusted me to not drop them!  HangingShutters

Here is a look at the after– gives the house a completely different look!

*Please disregard the black box above the garage.  I didn’t want to share my address with all of the internet! * houseafter

Here is another look at the shutters, with a close up of the front porch as well.  I was super worried about the marigold front door sending it over the top, but I have to say I love the way it turned out!


Before we get to the marigold front door, let’s start with a look at the front porch before. It was so bare and empty that I brought two chairs from our back patio to the front for a pop of color.  I also placed a couple plants in the corner, but they were way too small to fill the space.  We painted the front door black because at the time I had no idea what color palette we were using and black seemed like a classic neutral.


The chairs and updated black door gave it some personality, but it still felt a little empty and unfinished.  We also got really tired of moving the chairs back and forth from front patio to back patio when we had guests over.


How much happier is this front porch?!  porchafter2

I will admit, I sat on the marigold color swatches for a few weeks before pulling the trigger.  It is a bold color for sure, but I knew I wanted something that would stand out. And worst case scenario?  I hate it, buy another quart of paint and spend a few hours re-painting it.  Not that bad!

You will also notice I switched out the two chairs for a porch swing.  It was a $40 find at a farm supply store and I painted it with the same paint color used on the shutters.  With two bold colors already in place, and plans to incorporate the red throw cushions, I didn’t want to add another color to the mix.

Again, didn’t want to share my house number with all of the internet, but I wanted to leave one number open to show the detail.  My very talented mother made this house number sign using glass mosaic tiles.


The throw pillows had already been made to match the back patio set, using outdoor material that is both water and UV resistant.  The swing is very simple in design so the pillows are a nice addition to dress it up.  Larger plants in the corner also help round out the empty space.


Lastly, I wanted a bit of decor in the small brick space between our garage and the front porch.  This mosaic tile stepping stone, again made by my mom, is too pretty to put in the yard, so it found a home here along with another potted plant.


I always like to wrap up my before and after’s with a quick look side by side:

While the “before” is not bad at all, you can see how much character comes through in the “after.”  I know my love of bold and bright colors is not for everyone, but more importantly I hope it provides inspiration for adding personality to the exterior of your own home.

What crazy color have you thought about incorporating in your space at home?  Do you like the marigold door?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Front Porch Makeover”

  1. Wow! Your front porch looks fantastic! I too am in the middle of a front porch makeover and your colour choices are inspiring me to be bolder. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding shutters to the front of my house – I think I’m now convinced! What a difference it makes!


    1. Thank you so much!! If you are thinking about shutters definitely research the tutorials around on Pinterest– plenty of easy options that so much character!


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