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Define Your Decorating Style

Hello Friends,

As I took a look through my recent blog posts in preparation for this post today, I realize I have shared a lot of DIY, and a little less of full room makeovers.  The truth is many of my projects are in varying stages of progression.  A tight budget has me on hold in our own home, a dining room re-do is just getting underway, and my priority project right now is a 4 room makeover which I am shopping and DIYing for currently.

Today I am sharing a few sneak peeks of what is going into that 4 room makeover, but more importantly, I want to share how I worked with the homeowner to develop her own decorating style and how that style will be incorporated into her home.

I work with a lot of first time home owners, many of which are overwhelmed at the choices, and sometimes the cost, of purchasing decor and furniture for their new homes. In every consultation I ask “What decor styles are you drawn to?”  Often I already know the question will be met with an “ummm….,” “I’m not sure,” or “That’s what I hired you for.”

So how do you develop your own style of decor?  Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are your passions?  What could you look at or what activity could you do endlessly and never get tired of? (In my case, I love traveling so I am drawn to maps and textiles that came from different parts of the world)
  • Are there colors you really love?  Colors you really hate? (Sometimes the process of elimination helps narrow your focus)
  • What is on your MUST HAVE list?  (Maybe it’s a well worn leather chair you’ve owned for years.  Maybe it is an antique piece handed down in the family.  If it is a must have for you, then it has a place in your decor!)
  • If you could shop at one home decor store what would it be? (Even if you can’t afford that specific store, there are plenty of ways to copy cat their design style!)

By asking these questions I learned that the homeowner I am working with loved to hike and be outdoors.  She also has a passion for science and geology.  The MUST HAVE was great decor above the fireplace, and keeping her favorite leather couch.  She enjoys thrifting and vintage finds as much as I do, so one of a kind pieces were of interest.

With all that information in mind, I proposed a decor style composed of neutral and natural elements.  Earthy tones of sage green and rustic orange could be incorporated in one room, while we went with an airy, oceanic turquoise in another.  Once we agreed to the natural, elemental style of decor, the next challenge was translating that style into 4 rooms, ensuring each room is slightly different, yet flows together seamlessly.

Below is a look at the key pieces we are incorporating into the living room.  The neutral herringbone pattern in the background will add texture and pattern to the leather couch. Tying in the homeowners love of the outdoors, the map and forest watercolor will add color and interest above the fireplace.  She chose a map representing one of her favorite places, which adds a personal touch.  Lastly, I am mixing in a few gold toned metal accessories for added visual interest.  Using metals like gold or burnished silver are great ways to create drama for those not drawn to bright colors or patterns.  Living

The home office is a small space, and quickly turning into my favorite!  Since home offices are often used for work and budgets, I wanted the decor to be fun and bright. Office chores are a little less daunting when you have a beautiful space to work in!  This space will incorporate more natural elements, with a heavy emphasis on geology and science.  “The Earth’s Treasures” pages will be taken from this vintage atlas and framed as wall art.  A collection of vintage science and math books will be transformed into secret storage for computer cables.  A few precious stones and crystals will be placed on shelving for some natural bling.Office

The dining room is flooded with natural light and for that reason I am keeping the natural style a little more open and airy than the living area.  Botanical prints will be framed as art.  Instead of metal tones, here I will bring in wicker baskets, clear turquoise bottles, and lots of greenery.  With so many windows and natural light, it only makes sense to decorate with plants!Dining

The master bedroom is based around a forest print the homeowner already owned and loved.  I do not have a picture of it, so no sneak peek of the master.  You will have to wait for the full reveal!

Are you excited to see the finished rooms?  I am too!  This project will be wrapping up later this month so stay tuned to see the full Before & After photos!

And what about your decor style– do you have a set style?  Is it time to give your style an update?  Please share in the comments below!




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  1. My den is evolving in my mind with your suggestions. I’m starting to clear out to have a blank canvas with which to work. Loved your suggestions and examples.

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