Blogger Burnout & An Overwhelming Amount of DIY

Happy Hump Day!

Have you missed me?  Are you wondering why the heck I haven’t posted anything for a week?!  I know, I am super disappointed in me too.  This past week has been such a whirlwind of changes and surprises that something had to give, and that was my routine blog posts.

What is so important that I missed my bi-weekly posts you ask?  Well to start I quit my full time job.  I wish I could say it was because my blog was booming with followers and income that allowed it to become a full time job.  Sadly that is not the case….yet.

To be honest with myself and you loyal readers, I hit a point of blogger burnout.  I love sharing DIY posts, room makeovers, and all things home related, but the feedback in return is fairly low.  When researching how to gain more followers for a blog, most advice I stumble across is for bloggers who have reached more than 1,000 followers. Really??  How does that even happen?!  How do you get it out to people other than close friends and family?  Any bloggers out there that care to share advice I am all ears!

So I quit my job and I’m not blogging…then what’s up?  I have managed to commit myself to the following events over the next two weeks:

  • Volunteering to teach a DIY home craft at a women’s retreat this weekend
  • Becoming a featured artist with my own space to set up shop at a local boutique next Friday
  • Closing in on an interior styling deadline; I have to complete 2 room makeovers by next Saturday

While all 3 are super exciting, I really didn’t expect them all to take off at once.  To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement!

Despite the overwhelming sensation to curl up in a ball, binge watch HGTV, and inhale multiple bags of candy corn, I am embracing all the new opportunities, and free time, that I have been blessed with.

In an effort to stick to my goal of sharing real life home decor and DIY, I am sharing a few candid photos of what my home looks like as I tackle all these major projects at once.

We’ll start with the garage…my husband’s hope of ever parking just one car in this garage have totally died since I became a DIYer and furniture hoarder.  I feel like we should play a game here– How many DIY projects can you spot in the photo below??

The stained wood rounds are drying before packing up for a craft at the women’s retreat this weekend.  Be sure to check in Sunday evening as I will have a full recap of this fantastic event!


On to the dining room– this is the first room a person sees when they walk into our home.  This week they may wonder who is moving out.  My current styling client has me working on 4 rooms of her home and doing the personal shopping as well.  2 of those rooms were styled last night which means this pile of home goods is gone and I can start to think about fall table decor.diningpile

My home office/studio.  I would be lying if I said this room rarely sees this type of mayhem.  I hate to admit it is more often in this state than clean and organized!  There are 2 half finished projects stacked on the dresser.  The fabric scraps on the floor are yet another half finished project.  Today has most definitely been a day of half finished everything!officepile

You may have seen these cactus pillows on my Instagram account recently.  The boutique where I am setting up shop LOVED these, so my plan was to knock out three of them in completion today.  Then I ran out of Polyfil for the stuffing and my JoAnn Fabrics coupons do not kick in until tomorrow.  Another half finished project to add to the books…cacti

Lastly, and perhaps the most embarrassing, the sad situation of our guest bedroom.  Can I even call it that in this state?!  This room started as my office and the pink walls seemed like such a great idea at the time.  The pink idea wore off rather quickly and neither myself nor my husband have really had the motivation to re-do it.  Until inspiration hits, the room has become a catch-all for items with no home.  You can also see my little Lhasa Charlie considers the queen sized mattress his ultimate dog bed.guestbedmess

So that’s a quick peek into what’s happening in my world.  In the sea of half finished projects, I am happy that I at least found the time today to fully complete and share this blog post with you.  With so many perfectly styled rooms and workspaces on Pinterest and through professional blogs, I think it’s important to remember those photos aren’t always the real story.

With that I am off the couch and back to my many projects in need of finishing.  I can live with the messy for awhile, but I am beyond ready to get my home back in order and properly styled!  The guest bedroom ideas are starting to form, and I am looking forward to sharing the progress with you.  I will also have “Before & Afters” of my recent client work to share in the next two weeks so stay tuned!






6 thoughts on “Blogger Burnout & An Overwhelming Amount of DIY”

    1. Hi Angie, it’s definitely comforting to know I am not the only blogger out there feeling the burn! 🙂 Great blog by the way, love your lighting DIYs!


  1. This made me laugh. It can be a little overwhelming I have discovered to try and do it all. I always say to my family that I wish there were more hours in the day. I am also far behind on everything and in the middle of it all I thought I try a blog site, a website, etsy and instagram. I had it all planned and nothing so far as turned out as planned, but I am having fun, laughing a lot and learning things as I go along. Hang in there, you have great taste I can tell from your photos and crafting and creating in my opinion is good for our souls.


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