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Guest Bedroom Reveal

Hello Friends!

Have you missed me?  Have you been wondering when in the heck I am going to share that guest bedroom I previewed a couple of weeks ago?  Well you are in luck because today is the day!

To be fully honest, I was a little worried about how this room was going to turn out.  The incredibly stylish idea in my head was coming together a little haphazardly.  As I started collecting items to use in the room I became less confident in how all the unique parts and pieces and color schemes would form a cohesive, stylish guest bedroom.  I spent an afternoon arranging, re-arranging, and adding a few last minute details before my parents arrived on Thursday to use the space.  The result turned out better than expected, and I think this guest bedroom is now one of my favorite rooms in our home!

Okay, so before we jump into the finished product, let me share a quick recap of what I was working with for those that missed the earlier posts.

This is what the room looked liked when we toured our home.  The previous owner used the room for her massage therapy business.  The amount of large scale furniture squeezed into the space should give you an idea of how large the room actually is.Bedroom1

This vintage painting found at one of my favorite antique shops inspired the color palette and planning of the guest bedroom.CindaLouArt

The color swatches below guided my styling and paint selections for the room.  One thing you will notice in the final reveal is the addition of a light green color way.  Green gave the space more pop and brightness than the Gold Coast color I had originally planned to incorporate.colorswatch

Last detail to note– I challenged myself here to use vintage or antique items when at all possible.  I did end up purchasing a couple of key items new, which I will note at the end of the post.

Now you’ve got the backstory, it’s time for the full reveal!  GuestBedOverviewGuestBedWindowFacing


Nightstand #1– I have a hefty $26 invested into this space.  The nightstand itself is an old metal laundry hamper that I picked up at a flea market for $20 a year ago.  I have moved it around the house, but the pinks and greens fit perfect in this space.  The flaking, rusty edged hamper has so much character!

I picked up the sombrero & cactus marble ashtray off the $1 table at yet another flea market.  I re-purposed the ashtray portion by filling it with a small air plant.

The old wooden cheese box came from an antique shop for $5.  It works so well as a small storage organizer for phones, Kleenex, and other small items.

As you can see in the photo below, I drilled a small hole in the back side of the cheese box to thread phone charging cords through.  Now all those messy cords stay hidden behind the nightstand! NightstandOrganizer

On the other side of the bed is another grouping of items, all of which came from flea markets and antique shops.  The night stand itself is an old industrial table with a rusted metal top– $20 at an antique store.  The green on this piece fit so well in the room that it led me to incorporate more green and less of the originally planned gold.

The off white planter is a rare McCoy pottery piece which I splurged on at $20.  It will eventually get a small plant, but I have yet to find one I like.  The lamp came from Ohio Thrift for $13.  The two camping stools pictured were my great grandfather’s.  They are still very sturdy and work great as a luggage rack for storing a suitcase.Nightstand2

The room really began to feel finished when I added the plants.  As the weather starts to cool in Ohio, I am transitioning all my plants indoors.  These three planties moved upstairs to clear space for the larger plants that will be moved inside.  The wicker table and stool, as well as the fabric draped across the stool cost me $13 for all 3.

The gold and green patterned curtains came from Ikea about 8 years ago.  I have been carting them around in hopes of using them again, and they are a perfect fit in this room.  As you can tell from the picture, this bedroom gets a lot of sun light so I wanted a thick curtain that would darken the room when necessary.Plants

Because the bedroom is so large I wanted to incorporate a small sitting area.  I went with one chair, and eventually will add an ottoman when I find the right one.  This chair has a mid-century modern flair to it, which meshes well with the color scheme and decor I have in the space.  If you can’t already tell, I did a little faux upholstery work since I have yet to have to time to actually recover the chair.  The fabric panel is a vintage piece I picked up for $10 and carefully tucked and folded around the chair to appear newly upholstered.  A cleverly styled photo also does wonders for hiding my faux upholstery job…. 🙂

The cacti & succulent print is one of only 4 items in the room that I purchased new.  I love the vintage feel it has, and how well it incorporates the colors for the room.  The cactus pillow I made from 1970s curtains may be overkill on the cactus theme for some, but I love it.  I live by the design rule that if it brings a smile to your face, then it belongs in your decor!SittingArea

Lastly is the small corner space I am calling the welcome station.  Guests from out of town always need a place to drop keys, cell phones, and often grab a drink of water.  The small lamp was a $3 find that I spray painted gold.  I swiped two drinking glasses from our collection in the kitchen for guests to use in their room.  The small bowl is a vintage find and a perfect place to drop keys.  The addition of one small plant here breaks up the heavy metallics and adds a touch of color.  The Pigeon Forge mug was 25 cents at Goodwill.  Pigeon Forge is one of my mom’s favorite places to visit and since my parents will use this space the most, it was a fun, personal accent to incorporate in the decor.

The space itself is made up of an antique trunk that was a housewarming gift, and a leather suitcase that belonged to my dad.  I added the gold serving tray, swiped from our bar table, as a base to ground all the accessories styled on top.TrunkSideTable

As I always do with room makeovers, I want to share a before and after photo, side by side so that you can get the full effect:


Quite a change right?!  So how successful was I in using only vintage product?  Overall, I did very well!  There were 4 items I purchased new, which I listed below:

  • Cacti & Succulent Botanical Print- $20
  • Target Threshold Sheets- $45
  • Ikea Queen Bed Frame – $149
  • Sherwin Williams Paint for the walls- $45
    • Color 6057 Malted Milk used on the top half of walls
    • Color 7703 Earthen Jug used on the bottom half of walls

Every other item in the space is vintage, antique, or had been purchased previously and stored away, waiting to be used in just the right space.

I’m super curious to hear your thoughts out there!  What do you think of the color palette?  Did it all come together, or are there parts you would change?

Please share your comments below!


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