DIY: Anthro-Inspired Fringed Pillow

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It’s almost Fri-YAY!  I am heading out this weekend for a much needed girls’ getaway.  Wine, hiking, campfires, and time with some of my best girl friends.  Don’t worry, I will be sharing photos through Instagram when I return!

Before I get into vacation mode, I want to share a super fun DIY project that is both easy and inexpensive.  This project uses 4 main supplies and it takes 4 steps to complete– how easy is that??

I have been perusing accent pillow options for our guest bedroom recently, and of course, stumbled upon this beauty at Anthropologie:anthropillowAt $88, I kept perusing.  It’s beautiful, and I’m sure well crafted, but WAY beyond my budget.

A few days later on my weekly visit to Ohio Thrift, I came across these two placemats.  The colors and texture were similar to pillows I had been looking at, and the fringed ends were a super fun detail.  Best of all was the $3 price tag– that was for both placemats!Placemats

I got my placemats home, pulled out the sewing machine, and got to sewing.  Not only is this pillow easy to whip up, but it only takes about an hour to complete from start to finish.

A full supply list and budget breakdown will follow the tutorial, but here is a quick look at the main supplies you will need.  (Sewing machine not pictured)Supplies

How to Make a Pillow From Placemats:

Step 1:  Stack the placemats on top of each other and line up each edge.  Pin the wrong sides together.  That is correct- wrong sides together!  These placemats are much stiffer than typical fabric, so the seams will be on the outside.

Be sure the thread used matches well to the placemat.  This will make the stitch lines less visible.  I used white thread on this project, and you can barely see where the placemats are sewn together.PinnedAllSides

Helpful Hint:  Remember to leave an open space where the polyfil will be stuffed into the pillow.  I have sewn up all four sides of pillows too many times to count, so now I give myself a reminder.  When I see two pins close to each other, I know to stop sewing.PinsStop

Step 2: Sew all 4 sides of the pillow together.  Again, remember to leave one small opening where the polyfil will be stuffed in.  The rolled edge of the placemat is too thick for my machine, so I chose to sew just inside of the rolled edge.SewLine

Step 3: Time to stuff!  I do not enjoy hand sewing which is why my opening is so small.  Just enough space to fit my hand in.StuffOpg

Keep stuffing!  Be sure to firmly fill the pillow, especially in the corners.  A pencil comes in handy for pushing the polyfil into those hard to reach spots.Stuff

Almost there!  Be sure to stuff plenty of polyfil near the opening, otherwise it will collapse and lay flat in comparison to the rest of your properly stuffed pillow.FullyStuffed

Step 4: Now it is time to close up the pillow.  Pinch together each side of the pillow and pin together the opening.  This can be tricky with all the stuffing, so don’t worry if it’s not evenly pinned.  You can adjust and pinch the edges together as you start to sew up the opening.  Thread your needle and using a blind stitch, close up your pillow.  Not sure how to do a blind stitch?  This post from Positively Splendid is an excellent tutorial!  HandSew

That’s it!  4 steps and you are finished!  Admire your work and decide where to use your new pillow.

Mine fits into our guest room perfectly.  I had yet to find accent pillows that I liked for the space, but the neutral colors and fringe detail work well with the crocheted bed spread and the desert tones throughout the room.PillowCloseup2PillowInRoom

Ready to make your own?  Below is the supplies list, as well as the budget breakdown for this super easy DIY.

Supplies List & Budget Breakdown:

  • 2 Placemats; I found mine at a local thrift store at $3 for the pair
  • Polyfil Polyester Fiber Fill; I used about $3 worth from my stash.  If you do not have any polyfil on hand, you can pick up a bag for around $7 from your local craft supply store.  One bag will easily make a few pillows, depending on the size of each pillow.
  • Scissors
  • Thread (had leftover from previous projects)
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • Sewing Machine

Total Project Cost: $6   

**If you are new to crafting, the project cost will go up depending on the supplies needed.  Craft stores like JoAnn Fabrics always have TONS of coupons which help reduce the cost of your supplies.**

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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