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$10 School Desk Styled 3 Ways

Hello Hello West Main Friends!

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting a new post, I FINALLY got around to it!  As per usual, I have a few too many irons in the fire and because of that, blog posting took a backseat.  Stay tuned later in the week as I will be sharing just what new and exciting projects have been pulling me away from the blog and what to expect in the new year.

Today for your Sunday viewing pleasure, I want to share a second school desk transformation.  You may remember about a month ago I shared a DIY Tutorial of how to transform an old school desk into a mini bar.  Missed that post?  Don’t worry, you can check it out here!

Instead of boring you with another DIY tutorial, I wanted to share the versatility of upcycled items like this old school desk.  I am constantly moving and swapping out furniture in my home.  By using one piece in a multitude of ways I can update my decor without spending a dime.

As a quick reminder, the black table below was transformed into the mini bar.  The taller white desk is the before photo of the table I am showing you today.


As I began to style photos for this post, I realized the options are truly endless.  I could have titled this post 10 Ways to Style a $10 desk, but let’s be real.  I don’t have time to style and stage 10 options, and more than likely, you might stop reading after 5…

So how did I style my $10 school desk transformation?

  • Bar table
  • Writing desk
  • Mini Mudroom Catchall


School Desk Style #1- Bar Table

I know I know, I’m kind of copying my original idea, but stick with me on this one.

My hubby and I entertain a lot, but our kitchen isn’t conducive to a crowd.  When we host parties I can pull out this desk and set it up as a cocktail station.  It is small enough to set up close to the dining area so guests can fix their drinks and hover around the snacks instead of in the kitchen.


I swapped the original desk top for two pieces of old barn wood that I attached with brass hinges.  Opening up the desk allows liquor bottles and mugs to be stacked on the barn wood top, with plenty of space inside the desk to store mixers, as well as space for guests to mix up a cocktail.Bar2Bar3Bar4

School Desk Transformation #2- Writing Desk

A desk turned into a desk?  Novel concept right?!  This is perfect for the person in a small space like an apartment or condo.  This small writing desk has hidden storage and a small footprint, so it’s perfect for those without the space to dedicate to a full home office.  It would also be a great addition to a guest room, especially if you rent out space on airbnb; stock it with a notepad, pen, and several maps & magazines of things to do in the city.  Guests will love the thought and appreciate all the useful information provided!


School Desk Transformation #3- Mini Mudroom Catchall

This is another great solution for those in small spaces.  We have a dedicated mudroom in our home, yet it never fails that all the clutter ends up right inside the front door.  Creating a dedicated “drop area” can help contain the clutter from making it’s way all over the home.


Mail has to be the number one source of clutter around here.  I find it in the mudroom, on the kitchen counter, and occasionally it actually lands here in it’s proper place.  Antique cheese boxes are easy to find at flea markets, typically around $5-$10.  They are the perfect way to contain those small items like mail, phone chargers, and sunglasses.  I like to keep a pen and notepad as well, in case I need to leave myself a reminder.Entry3

The best part of the hinged top desk is how easily accessible it makes the inside, and how much clutter it hides!  Everyday items like keys and dog leash get thrown in the bowl, and totally hidden once the lid closes.  Oh, and if you are wondering, yes those are my polar bear mittens.  I need something to bring a smile to my face for those 6 months of grey, bitterly cold, Ohio winters!Entry4

School Desk Ideas that didn’t make the list:

  • End Table (The legs are easily adjustable by removing the screw and re-positioning to the new height)
  • Night Stand
  • Plant Potting Station (I will definitely be using this desk primarily on our patio this spring when I start planting flowers)

There are 6 simple and easy ideas to get you started.  Interested in making one yourself?  Below is a project list to get you started:

Project Supplies:

  • School Desk found at Goodwill- $7
  • Navy Spray Paint- Had on hand from previous project (This desk only takes about half a can!)
  • Old Barnwood- Free (Ask around and I am sure you can find someone with a few pieces to spare)
  • Brass Hinges- $3 for a set of 2 at Home Depot

Total Investment- $10

Thoughts?  How would you use a school desk like this in your home?  Do you like the hinged top idea?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!




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