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Okay show of hands– who is finished with their Christmas shopping??  Yeah, me neither…. This year, like many years before, I set the lofty goal of making gifts for everyone.  And like every year, I waited until about 2 weeks before Christmas to get started on all those hand crafted gifts.  I may have a few late nights ahead of me in order to get everything completed!

In the spirit of last minute Christmas shopping, today’s tutorial comprises three of my most favorite handmade Christmas gifts that are quick, easy, and affordable.  I taught this as a craft and wine night at a local wine shop and it was such a big hit.  The three crafts combined take about 2 hours to complete and can be made for under $40.  Keep reading below for a tutorial on how to make each item.

Gold Dipped Serving Utensils:

I purchased my set of wooden utensils at a local Dollar Tree.  I stained the lower portion of each utensil and allowed the stain to dry for a couple of days before moving on to the next step.UtensilSupplies

Use painters tape to mark off the area of utensil that will have the red stripe.  Using a foam sponge brush, paint the stripe section of the utensil.  Don’t be afraid to go thick on the paint; this type of craft paint dries quickly!UtensilStripe

Once the red stripe has dried, remove the painters tape.  Using a second foam sponge brush, paint the remaining handle area with the gold paint.

Let the utensils dry for a day so the paint can fully cure.  I recommend coating each utensil with a butcher block conditioner or wax which will seal the utensils and prevent the wood from cracking or splitting.UtensilGold

Wood Slice Coasters

The most important step in this process is sealing the wood.  If the wood slices are not sealed properly they will dry out and crack apart.  I poured the poly sealer into a plastic butter dish then dipped each wood round into the dish.  This process was much quicker than trying to brush on the sealer.  Allow the wood slices to dry overnight.WoodSliceSeal

Choose your letter stencil and secure to the wood slice with painters tape.  I chose to use a Sharpie marker because it is much easier and less clean up than paint.  I also feel that the Sharpie doesn’t flake or chip off like paint has in the past.WoodSliceStencil

Complete the stenciling process on 3 additional wood slices.  WoodSliceInitialed

Once I finished the stenciling, I stacked my four coasters up and tied with jute.  The red branch wire was left over from a previous craft, and adds a nice holiday touch to the coaster set.WoodSliceWrapped

Gnome Wine Toppers

These little guys were by far the biggest hit this holiday season.  If you are gifting a bottle of wine or liquor, this gnome topper is a must!  They are so fun to make, and they always get a great reaction from people.


I used a flannel plaid fabric backed with an iron on interfacing to add stiffness.  Both can be found at a craft store like Joann Fabrics.  My triangle of fabric is roughly 9″ tall by 12″ wide.  The cardboard triangle is a huge help in forming that hat and maintaining the proper shape.HatFrom

Put a thin line of hot glue along one edge of the fabric triangle.  Pull up and over the other side of the triangle, snugly securing it over top of the glued edge.HatGlue

Now it’s time for the beard!  I used a faux fur fabric, again from JoAnn Fabrics.  Cut a rectangle that is 2 1/2″ wide by 6″ long.BeardWidth

On the back side of the fur, draw a triangle shape for the beard.  Once satisfied with the triangle shape, cut along each edge.BeardShape

To prevent the fur from shedding, take a moment to comb out the fur.  This will remove all the loose ends and also smooth out the shape and look of the beard.BeardComb

Run a thin line of hot glue along the top edge of the beard.BeardGlue

With the seam of the hat to the back, press the beard onto the inside edge of the hat on the front side.BeardAttach

Last step; add a nose!  I used a small wooden bead with a drop of hot glue to secure.  Be sure to place the nose centered with where the hat and beard meet.GnomeNose

That’s it!  Now you have 3 very cute and creative handmade gifts to give!CraftYourChristmas2

Which is your favorite?  Do you have a particular hand made gift you are giving this year?  Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!


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  1. I am new to the internet world so I am not sure how to send photos through blog comments but my daughter is setting me up an Etsy page, maybe someday it will be more organized, or not because mostly I just make baskets to give to friends and family. It’s a fun little hobby. Here is a link to some photos (that I do know how to do)
    Loved your sale table at the craft show also. I always love shopping at arts and crafts sales.

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