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Home Office Reveal: An eclectic blend of vintage, plants, and my personal style

Happy New Year Friends!

Can you believe we are already a week into 2018?!  I rang in New Year’s Day by putting the finishing touches on my home office, which I will be sharing with you today.  It feels so good to start the new year with one more room checked off the list!

A new job opportunity in 2018 gave me the push I needed to get the space completed.  A new job you say?  I know, I’m supposed to be focusing on blogging!  And my business!  Blogging and business full time is my 2018 goal, but in the meantime I still need a way to pay the bills.  And a budget for my once a week, thrift store shopping habit!  Lucky for me this new gig allows me to work from home, and gives me plenty of time for crafting, teaching, and decorating.

So with a work from home job, and a side hustle of sewing and crafting, I needed a space I could utilize for both.  Most importantly, I wanted this space to be inspiring.  Not just a single piece of inspirational artwork, or a motivational quote.  My goal was to create a workspace that when I looked up in any direction, there was something that inspired me creatively, or made me smile.   I wanted an office that I would be excited to spend time in.  Since this is my personal work space, I have the chance to decorate it in a way that truly exhibits my style and personality.

As is the case with all my home projects, the challenge of completing my home office came in finding the right pieces within my budget.  Only two pieces were purchased new– everything else I thrifted over the past year.  I’ve never had much patience, but when it comes to home decor, patience has definitely paid off.  I’m so happy with the results, and several of these pieces it was just pure luck and patience of hitting the thrift stores on a regular basis.

So with all that said, are you ready to see the finished product??

Open the door into my office and this is the first view you will have of the space.backwall&desk

The gallery wall is a collection of thrifted finds and personal mementos.  My great aunt was a world traveller, and brought the yellow Mexicali dress to me when I was little.  In front of our wedding picture is the rose quartz and crystal mala I wore on our wedding day.  The crystal beads came from a necklace that belonged to my great grandmother.backwallbookdetail

The high top desk might be my favorite part of the room.  It is an old work table, which my neighbor had used a kitchen island.  It was sitting in her basement, and so I was thrilled when she asked me to take it off her hands.

The lamp may be tied for favorite piece in the room.  I had already envisioned the vintage lighting I wanted to find, which is always a dangerous game.  Envisioning and then finding can be tough!  I was beyond thrilled to find this beauty for $9 find at my local Ohio Thrift.  deskarea

Eventually I will get a sewing machine cover made so that it isn’t such an eyesore when I am not using it.  I strategically organized my office supplies onto a vintage souvenir tray so when I need the whole table for sewing I can move the tray, rather than 5 or 6 single pieces.  Style and function score!  The message board I created I am still unsure about.  I wired together an old lampshade frame and two macrame rings to create something a little more artistic than a cork board.  I’m going to give it a month or two before I decide if I need something more functional.deskabove

Step further into the room and you will see more of my craft space.  The ironing board doubles as an extra table when I’m organizing product or fabrics, so it stays up all the time.  The open shelving above doubles as storage, as well as display space.backwall

Growing up I was very close to my Grandma Genelle and so I wanted a space to display her photo, and a few items from when she was in the Navy.  She always bought me Barbies, which were by far my favorite toy growing up.  This was the one Barbie I was never allowed to open, which drove me bonkers as a kid.  Now I am so glad I have it in tact to display along with her other Navy items.openshelves

Sitting at my desk, I can look out to the other side of the room for this view:frontwall

That fabulous peacock chair is one of my best bargain finds to date.  I was so hoping to find a vintage option, but one in good enough shape to use at my price point seemed non-existent.  I stalked this one for 6 months at World Market, but at $399 it was way beyond my bank account.  At the end of last winter I went in and found their display model marked down to $100.  The store manager was so tired of moving it around, he gave me an extra 10% off to get it out of the store.chairandplants

My plant collection is still growing, and the office window gets so much sunlight that it’s perfect for all my cacti.  The planters are all flea market finds.  The air plant is cradled in what used to be an ashtray, found on the $1 table at a summer flea market.  These small ashtrays are now on my search list, as they are perfect for air plants!plantcloseup

Behind the peacock chair is a look at my photo ledge, where I display photos from some of my favorite adventures.  The brooch bouquet is from my wedding.  The antique cash register beneath it stores pens, sewing supplies, and other small supplies I often need access to.frontwalldetail2

Okay, so there is one small space that has yet to be complete and that is the closet doors.  I removed the metal, shuttered bi-fold doors in hopes of finding a great piece of vintage fabric or curtains that would double as artwork, as well as closet coverage.

I also re-organized the closet space so that it serves more as a walk-in style closet.  I love collecting vintage purses and hand crafted jewelry.  Both are so pretty that is makes more sense to display them, rather than tucking away in a closet.  Oh and the bright pink?  It happens to be my favorite color, but even I can admit it might be a bit harsh for an entire room.  closet

The earring storage is a rusty cooking pan I found at a thrift store for 99 cents!  The holes in the pan could not be more perfectly spaced for preventing a tangled mess of earrings.earringpan

As always, I am so curious to hear what you think!  Do you like all the vintage touches?  Is there something you would add?  I know there are A LOT of parts and pieces- is there anything I didn’t explain that you are wondering where it came from or why I have it?Feel free to ask, or leave your feedback in the comments below!






5 thoughts on “Home Office Reveal: An eclectic blend of vintage, plants, and my personal style”

  1. I love the way you incorporate the artifacts of your life into your decor. I especially like the tribute to genelle. She was such a special lady.

  2. What a great craft space. I love your plants and all those brite colors are very happy colors for creating. There are so many cool pieces in the whole room but my favorites are the brooch bouquet and the navy Barbie.

  3. Your room holds so many special pieces and many new finds. Just wish I could get my rooms to have that cozy, warm feel without being cluttered. Love the look of your office.

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