Welcome to Nomad Craft Co!

If you arrived here looking for Life at West Main, don’t leave!  You are in the right place; still me here!  Despite the new look, the mission is the same.  I am here to share advice on re-purposed interior styling and DIY tutorials to assist you in creating a one of a kind home.

We should start with all the questions I know you are dying to ask…

  • Why a new name?
  • So now you are a paid blogger?
  • Where did the name Nomad come from?

Life at West Main came to life as a hobby which helped alleviate the stress of a job that kept me away from home more often than not.  It was a way to share home projects with friends and family across the country.  What grew from that hobby blog was a passion to share with others my re-purposed interior styling and DIY tutorials.  It became a driving force that I knew I wanted to pursue as more than just a hobby.

While I would love to be a paid blogger, that is absolutely not the case.  I make zero money from blogging.  I don’t have sponsors and I don’t allow paid ads on my website.  For the record, I will absolutely share an update if that ever changes.  In fact, I would most likely be dancing from the rooftops if that were to change!

I do not make money directly from blogging, but it has brought an awareness to my talents and resulted in business from local clients.  Social media is an incredible tool and as I began to share my own interior styling projects people started reaching out, asking if I would be willing to style their home.  In order to take myself and my services seriously, it was time to create a business and website that reflected the work and services I offer.

Nomad Craft Company

And the name.  Where did Nomad Craft Company come from?  Similar to the ideas for re-purposed home accents I share on the blog, the name Nomad came to me on a whim.  I was sitting at my day job, daydreaming about how to turn my interior talents into a full time business.  Part of my love for thrifted and vintage finds is the history behind them.  Each piece has travelled from somewhere, from someone, who at some point in life treasured that item.  Transforming these well travelled treasures into hand crafted home accents for another person to cherish in their home is a pretty cool thing.  I travel all over in search of these unique, thrifted finds and there is absolutely a thrill in the hunt for that perfect piece.  Hence the name, Nomad Craft Company.  It should also be mentioned that before meeting my husband, I resided in 2 states and 6 different apartments over the time span of 2 years.  It would be safe to say that the word “nomad” resonates with my character on multiple levels…

Now that I have addressed all the burning questions for you followers, it’s time to address the new readers in the crowd.  Who is behind Nomad Craft Company?  What can you expect from the site?

Nomad Craft is a one woman show, run by me, Alisa Canter.  My passion for re-purposed interior styling began two years ago when my husband and I bought our first home.  We doubled our floor space, but added a mortgage payment, so the budget was low for home decor.  I began thrifting and re-purposing via Pinterest and it slowly grew into the passion it is today.  I love animals and incorporating them in my decor.  Current faves are donkeys, buffalo, llama, and always flamingoes.  I do not get to travel the world nearly as much as I would like. I make up for that in my collection of textiles and artwork from other countries.  It’s a way for me to connect with the world when life has me rooted here in Ohio.

This is my hubby Mike.  He pops up every now and again for a DIY tutorial,  typically when heavy lifting or advanced power tools are required.  He also happens to be an excellent negotiator at the flea markets and antique shops.  Handy guy to have around, as I have a terrible poker face! He is my travel partner in crime so you can bet if I am posting about a travel adventure, he will be there!


And Charlie.  Charlie is my 13 year old Lhasa Apso that came from a rescue shelter.  He is incredibly stubborn, allergic to gluten, and more high mainentance than I knew possible for a dog.  He is a big fan of photo bombing any and every photo that I need for the blog.  Apologies in advance for the random tail fur or doggy leg that I sometimes forget to crop out of a photo.


As far as what to expect from the website; re-purposed interior styling ideas and inspiration, DIY tutorials, and down the road hand crafted home accents for purchase.  The goal was to launch all parts and pieces at the same time, but I’ve had to learn this little thing called patience when it comes to the world of websites and blogging.  If I waited until everything was perfect, I would never launch.  So bear with me as I grow and expand my offerings.

With that said, it is time to take a break from web building and get back to building the fun content to share with you on the blog!  I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me and this business adventure I am trying to build.

If I missed anything, or you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!


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