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Spring Planters: Inspiration & Inexpensive Alternatives

Good Morning & Happy Saturday Friends!

I am beyond excited about the post I have lined up for you today!  It’s thrifty, it brings on spring vibes, and features a cute little llama.  Who doesn’t love llamas?!

So what’s on the post today?  Splurge vs. Steal for spring planters.  I have always loved the “splurge vs steal” segments you see in HGTV magazine however I consistently laugh at their “steal” price, knowing I could find the item for even less.

With spring just around the corner(hopefully!), I have already started planning out my new plant purchases.  I even called our local garden center, Hoover Gardens, to special order a few specifics.  It will be like Christmas in March when they arrive!

New plants means shopping for new planters, which can sometimes come with a hefty price tag.  Today I’m featuring 3 planter options that are on trend with spring style, and where you can find them for less.

Let’s start things off with Mr. Llama.  I try not to play favorites with my thrifted finds, but this guy has definitely become a favorite.

Home decor stores are filling their shelves with spring arrivals, and there is a plethora of animal inspired decor, especially in planter form.  These white llamas at West Elm caught my attention as I scrolled their new arrivals email.  The $159 price tag told me I would not be owning that llama anytime soon.  On a trip home to visit family I strolled through one of my favorite thrift shops and immediately zeroed in on this llama pulling the cart.  At $10 I could not pass him up!  I actually like him better than the West Elm version– I love the detail in the wood grain of the cart, and his wavy fur.SplurgeVStealLlamas

Currently Mr. Llama resides in our living area.  He anchors the vintage wicker coffee table ($15 Goodwill find), without taking up too much space.  I stashed coasters behind him and the multi-color textile beneath brings in the many colors found throughout the room.llamastyled

Mr. Llama also served as the table centerpiece at Christmas.  The bright white finish highlighted all the red and green accents from the table cloth and vintage picnic tin.  I couldn’t resist adding the mini gold ornaments to his tail!  🙂xmasllama

Next in the spring planter line up are these hanging iron pots from Anthropologie.  SplurgeVStealAnthroIronPots$58 for two- that didn’t seem terrible until I read the dimensions.  4″ high and 4 1/4″ wide.  $30 for a pot that is small enough to sit in the palm of my hand?!  No way.

Despite the price tag, I loved the look of these hanging planters so I began scouring the house for some sort of plastic container I could spray paint.  In case you are a new reader, or have yet to catch on, spray paint is the answer to 90% of my DIY hacks.


The spray paint, para cord, and wooden beads all came from JoAnn Fabrics, coupons in hand of course.  I spent a total of $11.50, and I still have enough supplies left to make at least two more of these stylish hanging planters!

I’m sure you are asking how I possibly found a plastic container that was the exact size?  I will admit it was a bit of a happy accident.  My hubby and I take a pre-workout drink before hitting the gym each morning.  Every time I throw an empty one into the recycle bin I look at it and think about how I could possibly re-purpose it.  How I JUST now thought about a planter I do not know.  The plastic is super soft so I cut the top off,  where the lid threaded on.  I used a hole punch on the sides and threaded my beaded para cord through once the paint had dried.

An added bonus to the DIY version?  SO much easier to hang!  Read the description on the Anthropologie website, and you will see their hanging pots are made from iron.  Not something you can just hang from a random nail in the wall.  They require mounting hardwear, not included of course.  This plastic version takes about 5 minutes to make and is so light it can be hung almost anywhere.  We have so many of these containers I am thinking I want to paint a few in bright colors to hang around our patio this summer.

Last, but certainly not least are these oh-so-boho rattan plant stands.  Found during a scroll of new arrivals at Anthropologie, I did a triple take at the price.  $198– it had to be a typo.  Nope, that’s for real.  $200 for a 2 foot wooden stand to hold your house plant.  I’ll be the first to admit I have splurged on some ridiculous home decor pieces in my time, but this will not be one of them.  I happen to think my miniature wicker chairs, at $3 for the pair, are an even better boho fit for our home.SplurgeVSteal-AnthroRattan

I will admit the detail on the Anthropologie rattan plant stands is beautiful.AnthroRattanCloseup

Our living area is taking on a very boho, plant filled vibe which I absolutely love.  Currently I’m trying to talk my hubby into replacing the couch and chairs with floor cushions.  I haven’t won that battle.  Not yet at least….

These little peacock chairs filled with plants are the perfect addition to the hanging shell planters already in the space.  I like how they add height, but are narrow enough to sit centered on the picnic basket.  The stacking picnic baskets can still serve as a functional end table and resting place for drinks or a book.peacockchairsstyled

So I know the first question or comment from some of you will be “I never find anything like that at the thrift store.”  “You just have good luck.”  Partially true- thrifting can sometimes be a matter of right place, right time.  However, a little research up front can help guide your shopping.  Take some time to shop the big name retailers you love like Anthropologie or West Elm.  Capture photos, or make a list of the favorite pieces you would love to own.  Take that list on your trip to the thrift stores and it will keep you on track in your search for a similar piece.

So how did our Splurge vs Steal prices stack up?  Take a look below:

Spring Planter Splurge Total- $415

Spring Planter Steal Total- $20

I’m so anxious to hear what you all think!  Do you have a favorite?  Did you enjoy the first installment of Splurge vs Steal?

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!



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