Preparing for The 100 Day Project

Hello Friends!

It has been awhile!  If you are following me on Instagram, you know my lack of blogging isn’t a stroke of laziness or burnout.  I have been styling retail spaces, designing the decor of a brand new home, and in an effort to stay sane, making time for a few of my own home projects.  Oh, and working my “real” job that actually pays the bills and supports my thrifting habit.

I don’t have any incredible DIY tutorials to share, and I have no home updates or one room makeovers that are ready for a reveal.  So what am I blogging about today you ask?  It’s something I am super excited for, and equally super nervous about tackling.

100 days of re-purposed projects.

Yep- you read that right.  Am I crazy?  Maybe a little bit.  Starting on April 3rd, I will complete and post to Instagram one re-purposed project everyday.  For 100 days straight.  What made me decide to take on such a crazy challenge?

It’s actually a thing.  #The100DayProject was created as way to break up the everyday routine.  It gets creative juices flowing and challenges participants to explore a project or theme, or an idea that ignites them.

At first I thought no way.  I don’t have time to do this.  But then I listened to this podcast from Elise Joy and Allie Lehman.  Both are doing the 100 Day Project for their third time this year.  Their discussion about the experiences and lessons from the project gave me the extra push I needed to dive in and take on this challenge.

The project officially starts on April 3rd, so today I thought it would be fun to share a few of the thoughts that led me to a decision on the project, and how I am prepping for the 100 days of re-purposed projects.

Before I decided to officially participate, I began brainstorming a few ideas of what project I would take on.  This is a peek into my internal thought process:

  • 100 days of pillows.  That thought was immediate followed by; what the hell am I going to do with 100 pillows when this challenge is over??
  • 100 days of thrifted style.  This project would require me to dress up everyday, when in reality I wear a t-shirt or hoodie 90% of the time.  It also gives me a valid excuse to shop more when I am trying to save money, not spend it.
  • 100 days of shelfies– I would style a shelf every day for 100 days and share it.  While I still love this idea, it just didn’t feel like enough.  I’m sure I will regret those words when I am 50 days into this challenge…
  • 100 days re-purposed.  That ignited something in me.  It felt super challenging.  In a good way.  I instantly started scribbling project ideas and knew this was the project for me.

Why am I doing this challenge when I clearly have enough on my plate already:

  • The more my business grows and work flows in, the less time I make for my own creative time.  The last thing I want is for my creative business to stifle my creativity.
  • I want to get my creative juices flowing.  I tend to operate best under stress and on a deadline, so I am excited to see what comes out of those days when I only have an hour of time and items around my home to re-purpose.
  • I want to show people that thrifted and re-purposed projects can have an elevated style.  I want people to be inspired to create on their own rather than buy mass produced home decor and fast fashion.
  • Hopefully this challenge gets me in gear to finish a few of the 8 million half started re-purposed projects already going in my home

What I’m not doing:

  • A blog post tutorial for every project
  • Crazy involved, super complicated projects.
  • Stressing myself about making every project perfect.  This is about experimenting with new ideas and expanding my creativity.  I fully expect a few epic fails.

How am I preparing to make these 100 days a success?

  • Make a list.  I have a list already started with about 35 re-purposed ideas.  I plan to add to that list as I brainstorm, and also pull from it when I hit a creative block
  • Take inventory.  While I know I will have to buy supplies for a few of these projects, the goal is to spend as little as possible and also use up a lot of thrifted items I have already collected.  Today will be a walk through the basement and garage to take a look at what projects I am super excited by, but have yet to make time for.
  • Carve out time to make it happen.  There are so many distractions everyday.  Work.  Dog.  Hubby.  Wine.  I didn’t say they were bad distractions, but they are things that pull me away, or give me an excuse to put a project on hold.  The goal of this project from the beginning is to get into the habit of creating time for myself.  I hope to find at minimum 2 hours everyday for this challenge.  It will be fun to see if I can stick to it, or if I find even more hours in the day to create.

Anyone out there crazy enough to join me?  Requests or ideas for projects you would like to see me complete?  Give me a month and I might be begging for ideas from you!

I will be sharing an update here on the blog every 30 days of the project.  I will share photos of both the process and completed projects, as well as how I am feeling about the experience overall.

If you aren’t on Instagram, but want to follow me daily, just head to the website and click the camera icon located just below the title “Nomad Craft Company.”

Here’s to 100 days of re-purposed projects!


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