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6 DIYs to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Last weekend the hubby and I devoted our Saturday to making over our patio space.  At the beginning of spring, we had grand plans of buying new patio furniture, building a fire pit, and a few other lofty goals that we had neither the time or the budget to complete.  Rather than spend money we didn’t have, I decided to re-purpose a few items we already owned, and get crafty with some inexpensive supplies to complete our patio makeover.

Before we jump into the easy DIYs to elevate your outdoor space, take a look at what I was working with in the before photo of our patio.  Its a sad state of affairs to say the least.PatioBeforeLABEL

Here is a look at the after.  Not a single project cost over $30, nor did a single project take more than a couple hours to complete.  PatioAfterLABEL

Armed with the before and after images, are you now motivated to give your patio a re-purposed makeover?  Below are 6 easy DIYs you can complete to elevate your outdoor space.  Best of all?  Not a single one of these projects cost over $30!

6 DIYs to Elevate Your Outdoor Space:


Okay, I know this is like the least exciting DIY to complete, but it makes a total difference in the look of your space!  Ohio has been pounded with rain this summer and it has caused green algae to start growing on our concrete.  GROSS!

The hubby gets full credit and a big thank you for tackling this part of the project.  To get the green gook off concrete, mix equal parts water and vinegar.  Then add 1/2 cup baking soda to every gallon of water/vinegar mixture.  Pour onto the concrete and scrub with a broom.  Once scrubbed, use a power washer to rinse and remove any stubborn spots.   ConcreteCleaner

DIY #2- Give outdoor furniture a fresh coat of paint.

Last year I picked up this wicker couch from a garage sale, and it was in desperate need of a paint job.  In a rush I used a cheap outdoor spray paint in a cobalt blue.  Clearly from the before picture you can see it did not hold up.

This year I used a paint sprayer and Behr Marquee Exterior Paint.  The paint was left over from painting the shutters to our house.  While a paint sprayer can be an investment, I know for a fact I spent less in paint (and time!) than the first time around when I went through about 4 cans!

Since painting the couch, we have had 4 big rain and windstorms come through and this couch still looks just as good as the day I painted it!CouchLABEL

DIY #3- Create waterproof artwork using a shower curtain

You read that right.  I used an $8 waterproof vinyl shower curtain, scrap wood, and vinyl siding hooks to create this 3 panel, floral artwork display on the back side of our house. CouchCloseAngle

I cut the shower curtain into 3 strips, leaving plenty on each side to wrap around the wood.  Starting on the long side, I used a staple gun to secure the curtain to the wood.  Pull snug then staple the opposing long side.  To finish wrap the ends and staple.

These vinyl siding hooks are incredible- they slide up and catch under the siding so there is no drilling necessary!  Because I plan to keep this artwork up all summer, I drilled the hooks directly to the back of each art panel.

DIY #4- Give new life to garage sale finds

Everyone has passed these wrought iron patio tables at some point or another.  They aren’t exactly stylish, but they are durable, and the perfect size for a patio.  I picked up these two last year at a flea market for $10 and spray painted them turquoise.

Rather than paint again knowing it would most likely chip off,  I chose to cover mine with oil cloth.  If you are not familiar, oil cloth is a vinyl bonded fabric that is extremely durable and water proof.  I buy mine online from Oil Cloth Alley, as they seem to have the largest variety of color and patterns at an affordable price.  I cut 2 pieces to cover the top and edges of each table.  I then used E-6000 to glue the fabric along each edge, securing with binder clips until the glue dried.  Also happy to report these have held up extremely well despite the crazy rain and wind we have had so far this summer!

DIY #5- Transform a dresser drawer into an herb garden

The dresser drawer came off the curb on trash day in my neighborhood.  You can get the full tutorial on how to make your own here.  Currently mine is filled with lemon balm and chives- I have read both are great for repelling mosquitoes which we need on humid summer nights in Ohio!DrawerPlanterCloseup

DIY #6- Re-purpose items already in your yard.

When looking at this photo, the tree stump as a table may look a little plain.  It has set in our yard for the past two years, but I couldn’t bear to throw it out because I knew it would be perfect for something.ChairsCloseup

The perfect use?  Tree stump tic tac toe!  I marked off the game board with painters tape, then painted the bright orange top using acrylic craft paint that I picked up for $2.  It is such a fun accent of color, but also a fun conversation piece when we have people over.  No one can resist a game or two!GameStump

And that is it!  6 easy projects, all doable in an afternoon.  While I was totally exhausted at the end of the day, I love the final result.  Today is the first day it hasn’t rained since completing this patio, so I am getting out to enjoy it!

Which project is your favorite?  Anything you would add?  Please share your comments below!CouchCloseup



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