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Why You Should Hire a 3D Planner for Your Next Home Project

So I hired a 3D planner for our master bedroom makeover, and I have to say…BEST DECISION EVER!  If you are wondering why myself, an interior stylist, would hire a 3D planner, I can tell you that sometimes you have to know your limits.  In this case, when I came home with a pale pink paint swatch, ceramic green donkeys that would become lamps, and a $2 batik horse painting from the neighborhood garage sale, my hubby had his concerns.  I also wasn’t quite sure how I would talk him into pink walls in our bedroom, or how any of my eclectic finds would work together in the small space.

Then I met Erin, a 3D planner.  What exactly is a 3D planner you ask?  Well you’ve all seen Fixer Upper right?  And those beautiful 3D renderings that Joanna Gaines presents to her clients?  That’s what Erin does.  During a home remodel of her own, Erin knew there had to be a better way to plan out her space than hand sketches.  After Google searching the software used by Joanna Gaines, and countless hours of YouTube tutorials on how to use it, Erin now renders 3D spaces for a variety of projects from residential homes to marketing and planning of rental units, landscaping layouts, and so much more.  Head over to her Instagram, elh&co to get a look at some incredible spaces she has created!

As Erin and I began talking about our jobs within the home industry, I realized I was facing the same challenge that many clients come to her with; I just couldn’t visualize the final product.  And I was trying to stick within a slim budget.  I’ve already re-painted 3 rooms of our home due to impulse paint decisions and I didn’t want to go through that again.  The furniture in the space is extremely heavy and the hubby was adamant I get only one shot at moving it.  I needed to ensure my decisions were right the first time around.

After sending Erin images of the space, as well as the items we planned to use, she put together these incredible renderings of our soon to be re-styled master bedroom:MasterBedRender1MasterBedRender2MasterBedRender3

When I got the renderings back I instantly felt validated in my crazy eclectic decor decisions.  Not only did it come together as I hoped, but I had a new found excitement to tackle this space.

Still need convinced as to how a 3D planner can help?  Below are the top 3 reasons to hire a 3D planner for your next project:

  • Visualization isn’t your strong suit.  Whether you are trying to choose a paint color, or knocking down walls to create a master suite, it can be hard to envision the final product.
  • Save yourself time & money.  If you haven’t purchased it in awhile, paint isn’t cheap.  No one wants to spend time or money re-painting walls, or breaking your back by moving furniture around to find the perfect layout.
  • Clear & concise planning.  A 3D rendering functions as a blueprint for the project. You feel confident in what has been laid out, and it is a great way to stick to your plan.

For me, the clear and concise planning of a 3D rendering proved to be the most helpful.  Since the majority of my home projects are re-purposed, I have changed and improvised a few items from the original rendering.  But as I add in the fine details and search for a few finishing touches, I keep the rendering photo on my phone as a way to stay on track.

So where is the finished room you ask?  Well, as I mentioned earlier, I am on a slim budget so each week I dedicate funds and time to a piece of the puzzle.  I hope to reveal the finished room in the next few weeks so stay tuned!








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