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Light & Bright Master Bedroom Reveal

If you all were beginning to wonder when I would ever finish our master bedroom, I hear you.  I myself had started to feel as if it were the room destined to never be fully complete.  Its the one downfall that comes from decorating with thrifted and vintage finds.  Sometimes the search for that perfect piece takes longer than expected.

With that said, I am super happy to announce that last weekend I had a couple successful thrifting stops, found a few forgotten treasures in my closet, and worked my tail off to bring it altogether.

As always, I like to preface the reveal with a quick look at the before.  I have yet to remember why I thought this drab grey paint color was a good idea for the walls.  Then I added grey bedding… grey and beige are my least two favorite colors so I have no clue what I was thinking here.  Other than that I may have watched too many episodes of Fixer Upper and was embracing Joanna’s love of all colors neutral.

If you read my previous post on hiring a 3D planner (you can check it out here), then you got a sneak peak of the key colors and details that inspired the look and feel of our updated space.  Essentially I wanted a light and airy color on the walls, with lots of color and pattern brought in by the bedding and curtains, as well as space for a few plants.  The hubby had three requests:

  • No farmhouse style signs with silly quotes. (His language may have been a little stronger than “silly”).
  • A cowhide bench where he could sit down to put on his shoes and socks
  • Less than 6 pillows on the bed.  Not gonna lie, that one was tough.

He did oblige to my insane at the time idea of painting the walls pink, and bringing in metallic cheetah print lampshades, so I felt I could at least pony up to his 3 requests.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our bright and airy, almost all vintage master bedroom!

Minus the bedding, everything in the picture below is thrifted or vintage, even down to the pots for the plants!  My mom picked up at an auction the largest of the wicker baskets.  The smaller three I purchased at Goodwill for 70 cents each. EastWallAfter

The bedding and lampshades are two of the very few items I purchased new, both of which are items I struggle to find in quality vintage, within my budget.  The artwork above the bed is a Japanese batik painting I picked up at a garage sale for $2.

The decorative pillows were all made using fabric panels and blankets I found for under $5 at the flea market.  The “live simply” pillow is made from one of my favorite t-shirts that I no longer wear, but couldn’t part with.  While I couldn’t imagine how I would stay under the 6 pillow minimum set by my hubby, I now realize I love the look of the body pillow rather than 3 separate decorative ones.BedAfter

Out of the entire project, the plant shelf might be one of my favorites.  The brackets came from Home Depot and the wood shelf is an old table leaf my neighbor was throwing out.  PerfectPhoto!

If you remember from the before, the top of our nightstands were a boring black.  I knew this was an ideal place to bring in more light and pattern.  It also served as a great place to test out a new trend I’ve been eyeing; peel and stick wallpaper.  I found this one on Etsy and it was so easy to use, I’m already plotting which wall in my house will be fully wallpapered.

And let’s not forget the donkeys in the room.  While I had no idea how I would make these vintage lamp bases work in any space, I couldn’t leave the antique store without them.  I would love to know what their original shades looked like, because I’m pretty sure they weren’t metallic gold cheetah print.NightstandAfter

The plant pots are all vintage finds and while I hope to increase my inventory of vintage books to use in this space, for now I grabbed a few of my favorite reads that were stuck in the closet to use for  adding some height and color.ShelfCloseup

These curtains were one of my first tutorials on the blog!  I made them for my office (which is on round 3 of a makeover) using a Kantha quilt and vintage sari fabric I found in a local antique store.  You can learn how to make your own here, but you must promise not to judge the content!  I’ve learned so much from day 1 of blogging!  CurtainsCurtainCloseup

This might be my favorite view of the room as it encompasses all the colors, patterns, and plants in one shot.  There were definitely times throughout this project that I became nervous as to how it would all come together, but I’m loving the end result.BedroomAfter

The ladder I pulled from my parents shed and white washed the top to give a more boho feel rather than rustic farmhouse.  Several years ago I brought home from my grandparents a giant staghorn fern.  I’m pretty sure I read and watched every possible tutorial before cutting it apart and mounting it to these cedar fence posts.  They’ve become my most cared for plant babies and I hope like hell I now have enough of a green thumb to keep them alive!Stags&Ladder

As always, I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!  What do you like the best?  Are you inspired to work with more vintage in your next home makeover?


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