Below is a closer look into the services we offer.  Custom work is always welcome- send us an email and we can set up a time to discuss the perfect service just for you.




DIY Workshops

Nomad Craft Co. offers a variety of craft & DIY classes throughout the Columbus area.  We also understand schedules are hectic, so let us bring the workshop to you.  We bring the supplies and instruction, you provide the guests and the beverages.  Choose from a selection of our workshop offerings, or create a custom workshop.… Continue reading DIY Workshops

Interior Styling

Re-styling your space doesn’t require a total renovation.  Nomad specializes in personalizing your living space without breaking the bank.  Or any walls.  We get a feel for your personal home style and incorporate that style through color, texture, and creative home accents.  Not sure what your home style is?  We can help with that too. … Continue reading Interior Styling

Home Staging Consultation

Small transformations make a sizable difference when it comes to selling a home.  Knowing where to start and what changes to make can be the biggest challenge.  In our home staging consultation, Alisa allocates two hours to walk through the home, assessing what updates and changes will increase profitability and drive buyers to the property. … Continue reading Home Staging Consultation